Centre for Fair Political Analysis


Centre for Fair Political Analysis is a think tank which analyses Hungarian politics from a historical and international perspective.

We think it is important to study the successes and failures of post-1990 political development in their historical context, calling attention to their possible connections to the events of today. Our perspective is international in the sense that we also think it is important to study current events from a wider perspective than just Hungarian domestic policy.

Centre for Fair Political Analysis is not committed to any party or government, however we strive to integrate different political values in our analyses. As a result the think tank is open to all modern, moderate ideologies. Our experts hold liberal, conservative, social democratic, green and other values as well, therefore our work reflects not just one set of values.

The think tank values liberal democracy, studying the emergence and operation of liberal democracies from a comparative, historical, and international perspective. At the same time we also focus on the study of the different varieties of democracies. We follow the workings of non-liberal democracies and evaluate any lessons they may teach us.

Centre for Fair Political Analysis strives to shed light on the great controversies of our times. Amongst these we pay particular attention to the ongoing debate on federalism vs. national sovereignty within the European Union, as well as to the study of the underlying causes of the weakening relationship between the two major components of liberal democracies (liberalism and democracy). As we are convinced that in order for democracy to exist citizens that are dedicated to democracy are necessary, we focus extensively on the study of civic education and social cohesion.

The think tank rejects association with all radical ideologies but holds debate between moderate values indispensable and participates in these with dedication.